How to choose a coffee machine? All-round teaching you to choose a coffee machine.


Coffee, tasty and strong, refreshing, has become an indispensable beverage in various environments such as offices, shopping malls and homes. The brand of coffee machine, the variety is also getting richer and richer, in the face of a wide range of coffee machine brands and models, consumers will also fall into confusion, what coffee machine is suitable for them? The next all-round take you to understand the three most common coffee machines, to get rid of the "selection difficulties".

1, capsule coffee machine

Capsule coffee machine small size, convenient operation, relatively low price, the quality of coffee production medium. The use of capsule coffee machines need to buy capsules of coffee, although not freshly ground coffee beans, but the flavor is not too much missing, the convenience is very high. But at the same time, the long-term cost of the capsule coffee machine is higher, coffee capsules are often twice as expensive as coffee beans.

2, fully automatic coffee machine

The price starts from medium, relatively mainstream, the use of coffee beans freshly ground production, so the quality of production often depends on the choice of coffee beans, the overall quality of production is high, just one key operation can produce coffee, so the convenience is also very strong, the long-term cost is also relatively low.

3, semi-automatic coffee machines

Professional grade semi-automatic coffee machines tend to be more expensive, the quality of production depends on the level of the operator, need to be fully skilled before operating, in order to produce high quality coffee, but relatively speaking, the freedom of making coffee is also higher, you can make a lot of special, personalized coffee.

These are the advantages and characteristics of each of the three common coffee machines, consumers can buy and sell according to their own needs. Dr. Qia in the field of coffee machines to explore, to provide customers at home and abroad with high-quality coffee system solutions, to create a strong domestic coffee machine brand, automatic coffee machine, choose Dr. Qia.