How to choose a coffee machine? An article to understand the difference between coffee machines!


Coffee has been on the rise since it entered the Chinese market, and coffee has accompanied many young people in their growth. For consumers, compared to instant coffee, coffee ground with a coffee machine has a more mellow taste, so there are more and more families and companies buying coffee machines, so how exactly should I choose a coffee machine?

At present, the coffee machines on the market are mainly divided into semi-automatic espresso machines, automatic espresso machines, American-style drip machines and other categories, different coffee machines use different methods of coffee production, but also have their own advantages and disadvantages, mainly to explain the differences between the following three types of coffee machines.

1, semi-automatic espresso machine water temperature and steam is more stable, and even in some variable pressure machines can be achieved on the curve of the extraction pressure changes, but this type of coffee machine is larger, learning costs are also higher.

2, automatic espresso machine is a kind of coffee bean grinding, coffee powder filling pressure, extraction and even milk froth system all integrated in the coffee machine, just one key can automatically make espresso, Americano, latte, cappuccino, etc., the disadvantage is the need for frequent cleaning.

3, American-style coffee is divided into espresso with water, drip filter machine production, American-style drip filter machine actually imitates the hand brewed coffee, the structure is also relatively simple, just put the coffee powder in the filter, the machine will automatically drizzle hot water on the coffee powder, coffee liquid will fall into the sharing pot below after, the disadvantage of this type of coffee machine is that it can only make American-style coffee, extraction will also be uneven.

Finally, the choice of coffee machine still depends on the use of scenarios, of course, whether it is for home use or company use, it is best to choose an excellent coffee machine brand like Dr. Qia, Dr. Qia has a complete range of coffee machines, a variety of products to meet the needs of a variety of coffee.