How to choose a coffee machine for beginners? How do different coffee machines affect the flavor of coffee?


With the popularity of coffee culture and the improvement of people's quality of life, consumers, especially young consumers, are no longer satisfied with instant, freeze-dried coffee, people are willing to invest more and make a cup of freshly ground coffee every morning with a coffee machine. However, many newcomers to coffee machines do not understand, do not know which coffee machine they should choose, this article will take you familiar with the different types of coffee machines.

There are various ways to extract coffee, but the most common and best to operate are the following two, one is pressure extraction, and the other is drip extraction.

Pressure extraction is the use of pressure to capture the aromatic substances in the coffee powder, so that the coffee produced is full of rich aroma and taste.

Drip extraction uses water to carry away the aromatic substances in the coffee powder, so that the aroma of the resulting coffee is layered and the taste is more pure.

The coffee equipment used to make these two types of coffee is also completely different. Coffee equipment that uses pressure extraction coffee is mainly semi-automatic coffee machines and automatic coffee machines, while coffee equipment that uses drip extraction is mainly hand brewing tools.

Many novices choose to buy hand brewing equipment because the process of making hand brewed coffee seems leisurely and stylish. But in fact, the steps to make hand brewed coffee are more tedious and time consuming, and not very suitable for novices. The most suitable for novices, is a fully automatic coffee machine.

Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine, "foolproof" button setting is a gospel for novices, just add water in the tank, bean bin into the right amount of coffee beans, and then set the parameters according to their preferences, you can automatically produce high-quality coffee, and automatic cleaning function, so that the production of coffee becomes easier.