How to choose a coffee machine for tea and beverage stores? Fully automatic or semi-automatic?


At present, the coffee culture has penetrated the country, not only the first and second-tier cities, and now the third and fourth-tier cities also have a lot of coffee lovers. Therefore, coffee is also out of the coffee shop, into the convenience store, milk tea store, office and other places, tea beverage store to purchase a coffee machine, not only to enrich the menu, to provide consumers with more choices, but also to a certain extent to enhance the style, so that the environment is more elegant. But coffee machine brands and a wide range of types, how to choose a coffee machine suitable for tea drinking stores is also a big problem.

Generally speaking, tea drink store guests will require that they take that away, rarely like coffee shop guests sit down to slowly enjoy a cup of coffee and spend a leisurely afternoon in the cafe. They prefer to shop while drinking two sips of refreshing tea, tea beverage store traffic is often higher than the coffee shop, so the coffee machine and staff efficiency requirements are higher, the coffee shop barista can not rush to brew a cup of coffee, tea store staff need to be the fastest speed to produce a cup of good-tasting coffee. Nowadays, there are two types of coffee machines most commonly used in commercial establishments, one is a semi-automatic coffee machine, and the other is a fully automatic coffee machine. In terms of tea beverage stores, the use of semi-automatic coffee machines need to be configured with a bean grinder, the process and time to make coffee is also relatively long, there are technical requirements for production staff; and fully automatic coffee machines set grinding beans, brewing, frothing milk in one, there is no requirement for technology. For the generally small area, the higher requirements for efficiency of tea and beverage stores, automatic coffee machine is undoubtedly a better choice.

Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine with advanced brewing system and milk froth system, coupled with a special grinding bean knife, not only to ensure the quality of coffee, but also to ensure the efficiency of the coffee production, and a number of domestic chains of tea brands have cooperation, known as the quality of the coffee machine brand to play.