How to choose a coffee machine for the office? Read this article to understand.


I believe that most of the working people have this experience: at two or three o'clock in the afternoon, sleepy, drowsy, have to fight desperately with sleepiness to not sleep over. At a time when the efficiency and welfare of employees are being increasingly valued, coffee machines have quietly taken their place in the pantries of major companies, becoming a "magic tool" for employees to refresh and wake up. So how should the office coffee machine be selected?

Common types of coffee machines used in offices.

1, fully automatic espresso machine

2, semi-automatic espresso machine

3, drip filter pot

4, capsule or single cup espresso machine, etc.

Each coffee equipment has its own advantages and disadvantages, for example, capsule coffee machines are easy and convenient to operate, but the output is single and costly; semi-automatic coffee machines have low production costs and produce the highest quality coffee liquid, but also very demanding on the user; drip filter pots are portable and fast, but can only produce one type of coffee, which cannot meet the diverse needs of employees. Among them, fully automatic coffee machines are favored by many companies for their stable coffee quality, diverse flavors and simple operation.

Selection of coffee machine considerations.

1, clear needs

According to the needs of the scene to select a coffee machine, such as the staff's favorite taste, the requirements of the coffee machine production speed, etc., in line with the needs of the scene is the best.

2, coffee machine capacity

The capacity of the coffee machine determines how many servings the machine can provide, and can be estimated according to the number of people in the office, so as to determine the capacity.

3, reputation and after-sales service

After clarifying the needs and determining the capacity, it is best to choose a reliable brand, and domestic companies are advised to choose the more commonly used domestic coffee machine brands for daily maintenance and after-sales service.

There are more brands of coffee machines for domestic offices, of which Dr. Coffee has taken a place in the fierce competition with strong R & D and manufacturing capabilities and perfect after-sales service, and its business office is easy to operate, easy to clean, and extremely cost-effective.