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How to choose a coffee machine for the office? This is the right choice.


Coffee as one of the world's three major beverages, has been quite competitive in the market, even now the beverage market milk tea prevails, coffee sales also continue to go up, occupying a place in the market. For the office white-collar workers, a cup of freshly ground coffee can not only dispel fatigue, but also is a symbol of quality of life. In order to improve the cohesion of the enterprise and the sense of belonging of the staff, the office coffee machine has also become the "standard" for medium and large enterprises. So how should the office coffee machine be selected?

Office coffee machines are different from home coffee machines, and need to take into account the speed of production and the number of cups, in order to avoid wasting the staff's working time, in the choice of office coffee machines should skip the drip filter pot, siphon pot, semi-automatic coffee machines and other options, choose a high-quality fully automatic coffee machine.

Dr. Qia has a wealth of commercial automatic coffee machine research and development, production and sales experience, Dr. Qia production of automatic coffee machine has covered various use scenarios, its office series coffee machine has been praised by many companies, the quality is guaranteed. Dr. Qia office series coffee machine is designed for the office crowd, around the office coffee machine "easy to use, simple maintenance" needs, the introduction of simple operation, and intelligent self-cleaning ability of the coffee machine, just tap the button, wait a few moments to get a cup of rich and fragrant coffee.

It is conceivable that the automatic coffee machine is undoubtedly a major trend in the future office coffee machine, in many coffee machine brands, with a wealth of experience and technical strength of Dr. Qia is obviously a good choice, choose Dr. Qia, so that the work time becomes more beautiful.