How to choose a coffee machine? Inventory of common types of coffee machines.


In the workplace a busy week of young people, on weekends about three or two friends together to hit the net red cafe, enjoy a cup of the latest raw coconut latte, or call a friend to taste their own drip coffee ...... "drip aroma, can not be exhausted "Nowadays, coffee has gradually become an indispensable "relief" drink for modern people. With people's pursuit of quality of life, "coffee" seems to have become a new era of unique cultural symbols, and gradually penetrate into the life of modern people, and the popularity of coffee also brings new business opportunities to the coffee machine business. What categories of coffee machines are available on the market? Let's take an inventory!

1. The classic drip coffee machine

Drip coffee machines, also known as American-style coffee machines, are relatively simple to operate and suitable for the public. Drip coffee machines can generally be divided into conical filters and round flat-bottom filters, with a conical design to provide a more aromatic flavor and thick taste; conical filters are suitable for finer grinding, while flat-bottom filters are suitable for coarse grinding.

2. High-pressure steam coffee machines

The difference between a high-pressure steam coffee machine and a drip coffee machine is that they make coffee in a different way, and the taste of the coffee they make is different. The operation is relatively slightly more complicated and less suitable for the general public.

3. Automatic coffee machines

Fully automatic coffee machines are currently a popular model because of their simple operation, high coffee quality, and fast making speed. Users only need a few simple operations to complete the production of coffee. And fully automatic coffee machines come with a cleaning function, so users do not have to worry about cleaning the machine. Automatic coffee machines are suitable for most people, Dr. Coffee's automatic coffee machines have been recognized and favored by many consumers in recent years, bringing users a convenient, high-quality service experience.

At present, there are a wide variety of coffee machines on the market, consumers should choose the right coffee machine for them according to their own needs and preferences.