How to choose a commercial coffee machine? A few suggestions to send on


For city dwellers who travel through the city, the most relaxing thing to do after a long day is to sit down and have a cup of coffee at leisure. In order to meet people's demand for coffee, many gas stations, convenience stores, hotels, shopping malls and other places are now placing commercial series of coffee machines. So how should you choose a commercial coffee machine? I believe that many investors who want to purchase commercial coffee machines will have such questions, coffee machine types, flavors, brands are so many, in the end should pay attention to some of the purchase elements? I hope that after reading this article, can bring you help.

1. cup volume

To measure what kind of coffee machine to use, a more intuitive reference factor is the amount of sunrise cups. The biggest difference between commercial coffee machines and ordinary coffee machines is that commercial coffee machines are geared towards a wide range of people, so when choosing a coffee machine, you should choose a coffee machine with a large cup volume and strong performance, which is sufficient to meet the coffee needs of users in the commercial area.

2. used or new

There are many users who will hesitate to choose a used coffee machine or a brand new coffee machine, there is no doubt that the price of a used coffee machine will be much cheaper than a brand new coffee machine, but there is no series of after-sales guarantee to provide users with follow-up repair and maintenance services.

3. Coffee machine type

Generally speaking, most commercial areas use fully automatic coffee machines, which are efficient and convenient for users to operate.

In the purchase of commercial coffee machines must pay attention to the above factors to avoid "stepping on the mine". At present, Dr. Coffee brand reputation and strength in the industry is relatively outstanding, Dr. Coffee has three series of commercial, office and home coffee machines, to meet the coffee needs of different application scenarios, it is worth choosing.