How to choose an office coffee machine? Read this article to find out!


Today, office workers increasingly like coffee, because coffee is the "work party" indispensable refreshing drinks, so there are more and more companies realize how important it is to allocate a fully automatic intelligent coffee machine in the company pantry, but what kind of coffee machine is suitable for use in the office?

Equipped with a fully automatic coffee machine in the office, not only to provide coffee convenience for employees, but also a kind of customer service, to provide more quality coffee drinks to customers who come to visit, showing the strength of the company. Therefore, the office coffee machine should choose a commercial fully automatic coffee machine, which has more advantages than the general coffee machine, more stable in coffee production, to meet the daily coffee needs of the office.

Dr. Qia coffee machine will fit well with the coffee needs of the office population, Dr. Qia coffee machine with a large-capacity brewer design, powder capacity of up to 16g, can better achieve stable extraction, to better ensure that the coffee mellow taste; has a precise and stable grinding system, according to personal taste to adjust the grinding coarse and fine, making different concentrations of coffee; can also quickly pre-brewing system, customizable time for Coffee machine preheating to ensure the quality of each first cup; and equipped with adjustable parameter system, you can adjust the coffee volume, pre-brewing time, temperature level and maintain the taste through the touch interface, and finally create the staff's favorite coffee taste.

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Chai coffee machine also has an automatic cleaning system, which reduces the cost of cleaning and maintenance of the coffee machine and does not require dedicated personnel for cleaning. In short, with Dr. Qia coffee machine, enterprises can bring employees a coffee experience that is not inferior to that of boutique cafes, highlighting corporate culture, and also providing visitors with high-quality drinks.