How to clean and maintain the coffee machine? Which national brands are more reliable after-sales service?


When it comes to coffee machines, many people think of a professional barista in a coffee shop, a pair of deft hands pulling out all kinds of interesting flowers on the coffee; there are many people who think of the weekend morning, draw the curtains, press the button and make a cup of aromatic hot Americano; there are also people who will think of taking time to brew a cup of coffee in the company's pantry during a busy work day, washing away the fatigue with the aroma of char. Coffee makers have been widely used in various scenarios in our lives, but few people pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of coffee makers except for the purchasers of coffee makers. The following list of coffee machine cleaning and maintenance need to pay attention to several major issues, pay attention to these points, will greatly reduce the chances of failure of the coffee machine, extending the service life.

1, the coffee machine will be placed on a horizontal countertop, to avoid tipping.

2, at the end of the use of timely cut off the power.

3、Before using a new coffee maker, you should boil two pots of boiling water to remove the smell of the plastic material.

4、After cleaning the coffee maker, wipe off excess water to avoid breeding bacteria.

5, the coffee machine for regular descaling, so as not to affect the taste of coffee, clogging the pipes in the machine.

6, pay attention to the appropriate amount of water, to avoid the phenomenon of overflow.

Of course, in addition to the user themselves to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the coffee machine, coffee machine brand after-sales service is also extremely important for the life of the coffee machine. Generally speaking, the coffee machine overhaul is done by professionals. Dr. Coffee, as a leading domestic coffee machine brand, will provide training support and spare parts support for customers, the training includes the maintenance and troubleshooting of the coffee machine, and customers can also get the appropriate technical support by calling the service hotline when parts need to be replaced. For consumers who have high requirements for coffee machine quality and after-sales service, Dr. Coffee is undoubtedly a trustworthy brand.