How to create a corporate "coffee corner"? Choosing the right coffee machine is important!


In the fast-paced, high-intensity work, coffee is the work party's "source of strength", in the work of fatigue and sleepy time to drink a cup of coffee, you will soon be able to revive the spirit of a better state to put into work, improve efficiency. With the younger generation becoming the main force in the workplace, their demand for coffee has also increased. Therefore, many companies will introduce coffee machines to meet the coffee needs of employees, but also to bring quality coffee experience to the company's customers, but the creation of corporate "coffee corner" can not be separated from a high-quality coffee machine. So, how exactly do you pick a coffee machine for the office?

The coffee machine used in the office must be simple to operate, otherwise the production of a cup of coffee to waste a lot of time, it will reduce efficiency, therefore, fully automatic coffee machine is more suitable for the office, fully automatic coffee machine does not require manual freshly ground, extraction of coffee beans, often a "button" can be done. Focus on the field of commercial automatic coffee machine Dr. Qia, for different coffee applications, the development of a suitable commercial coffee machine series of products, from bakeries, cafes to hotels, and then to the office, Dr. Qia coffee machine can meet the different needs of people for coffee.

In order to meet the coffee needs of the office population, Dr. Qia has developed a fully automatic commercial coffee machine for enterprises, which adopts the unique 16g patented brewing technology, large capacity brewing to meet the needs of multiple employees in the office, which shows the powerful refill capacity; at the same time, in order to meet the different requirements of the "working party" for coffee taste, Dr. Qia coffee machine With precise and stable grinding system and fast and easy brewing system, each cup of coffee produced by Dr. Cai has a mellow taste.

It can be said that the purchase of a coffee machine of Dr. Qia is like "moving" a boutique cafe into the company, creating a corporate "coffee corner" and allowing employees to enjoy a wide variety of coffee comfortably.