How to distinguish between automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines? Which coffee machine is more cost-effective?


There are a variety of coffee machines on the market, and the variety is complex and overwhelming, but the most well-known are the semi-automatic coffee machines and the automatic coffee machines. Although many consumers have heard of semi-automatic coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines, but is not clear about the difference between the two, this article will teach you to distinguish between fully automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines in a simple way.

A semi-automatic coffee machine

With a semi-automatic coffee machine to make coffee, not only need the coffee machine itself, but also need to provide their own grinder as well as powder bowl and handle, from the grinder to adjust the coarseness of the grinding powder, to pressing powder, frothing, cleaning the coffee machine, all need to be manually operated. If you are a professional and have high requirements for pulling, then you can choose a semi-automatic coffee machine, but of course, the price of semi-automatic coffee machines is also relatively high. If you are a non-professional using a semi-automatic coffee machine, and want to make good coffee, you need to spend a lot of time and material in the practice of making coffee.

Second, fully automatic coffee machine

Fully automatic coffee machine will be embedded in the bean grinder inside the coffee machine, so there is no longer a need to manually grind the powder, load the score, and no longer need to match the handle. From grinding to brewing, the whole process can be done automatically, compared to semi-automatic coffee machines, it is clear that fully automatic coffee machines are more suitable for people who do not have professional coffee making skills, but also want to drink high quality coffee.

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