How to make good coffee? Which coffee machine is suitable for newbies?


Nowadays, a cup of rich and full-bodied coffee has become a "magic tool" to dispel fatigue of urban white-collar workers. In the tired early morning, or sleepy afternoon on a cup of coffee, is a rare moment of relaxation in the day to beat workers. But the cost of consuming one or two cups of coffee in a coffee shop every day is too high, many consumers choose to purchase a coffee machine, many companies will also prepare a coffee machine for employees in the pantry, so how can you make good coffee, what kind of coffee machine is more suitable for novices?

Currently there are three main types of coffee machines that are favored by consumers, which are semi-automatic coffee machines, automatic coffee machines and capsule coffee machines. To make a good cup of coffee with a semi-automatic coffee machine, you have to use a bean grinder to set the coarseness of the coffee powder, and then grind, press the powder, brew, froth, clean the coffee machine and a series of other processes, which not only takes a long time, but also requires a relatively professional approach, which is very unfriendly to novices. The fully automatic coffee machine only requires the user to add water and coffee beans, select the type of coffee they need, and it will automatically grind and brew, which is simple and convenient, and also ensures the quality of the coffee. The capsule coffee maker is also quite simple to use, just put in the coffee capsule and you will get a cup of aromatic coffee.

Each of the three types of coffee machines has its own advantages, semi-automatic coffee machines can produce coffee with personal characteristics, automatic coffee machines produce stable and convenient, capsule coffee machines are simple to operate. However, semi-automatic coffee machines require users to have professional operating skills, and capsule coffee machines have a higher cost of subsequent use, so for novices, fully automatic coffee machines are a more cost-effective choice. Dr. Coffee focus on coffee system for several years, has a patented brewing system, different grades of grinding coarseness adjustment, pay close attention to all kinds of details, the high quality of coffee presented in front of the user.