Is it difficult to get started with a semi-automatic coffee machine? Which coffee machine is more suitable for newcomers?


In recent years, coffee culture has become popular in China, and many young people have become interested in coffee, and will even purchase a coffee machine at home to facilitate daily drinking. However, most coffee machine buyers are actually not professional baristas and do not have a systematic understanding of coffee machines. Many people who mention coffee machines will think of baristas in cafes who use semi-automatic coffee machines to make fancy coffee and therefore want to purchase a semi-automatic coffee machine, but in fact, semi-automatic coffee machines are not suitable for novice whites.

The semi-automatic coffee machine can attract the interest of many coffee lovers, and naturally it has its advantages. For example, semi-automatic coffee machines require manual control of the grinding of coffee beans, the need to control the concentration of extraction through the strength of the powder pressure, the size of the water flow, but also to enjoy the pleasure of pulling flowers, the room for operation is great, the overall cost is low. But the disadvantages of semi-automatic coffee machines are also obvious, that is, the use of a high threshold, no coffee production base is difficult to produce good coffee.

Compared to semi-automatic coffee machines, capsule coffee machines and automatic coffee machines are much friendlier to novice coffee makers, you just need to buy good coffee beans or capsules, turn on the machine and put in the relevant supplies, wait a little, you can get a cup of rich and full-bodied coffee. But the capsule coffee machine can make a single taste of coffee, and the price of coffee capsules is higher, for young people, fully automatic coffee machine is a better choice.

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