Is the office coffee machine cost-effective? Three criteria to help you choose.


With the rapid economic development nowadays, coffee machines for offices have become extremely common, and many companies with good development and more staff will buy a coffee machine and put it in the pantry for their employees to use. But the willingness to buy a coffee machine does not mean that you are willing to spend money indiscriminately on a coffee machine, the cost effectiveness of the coffee machine is still very important to the business. So is a coffee machine for office use cost effective? How to buy a cost-effective coffee machine? There must be three aspects to consider.

1, the efficiency of the continuous cup. Most of the business people who will buy a coffee machine for the office will not be few, which will have a certain test of the ability of the coffee machine to make a continuous cup. Early morning and late afternoon is the peak period for the use of coffee machines, coffee machines to have a strong continuous cup of ability to reduce the staff waiting time in line.

2, the frequency of use of the coffee machine. The more people in the office who like to drink coffee, the more valuable the coffee machine is to the business. If more than 85% of an office likes to drink coffee, then the presence of a coffee machine is particularly important. If only about 20% of the office likes to drink coffee, then all things considered it is not very necessary.

3, the quality of the coffee machine's output. Companies put coffee machines in the office, one is to help employees refresh and improve efficiency; the second is to meet the needs of employees for coffee. A coffee machine if the quality of production is not stable, the taste is not good, certainly can not meet the needs of employees, not to improve the effect of corporate cohesion.

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