It smells good! The office coffee machine can also drink out of the cafe feel!


Coffee - is a drink that is not unfamiliar to the people of China, with the increasing improvement of people's lives in China, coupled with the spread of coffee culture, China's coffee market continues to expand, the consumption of coffee, coffee machines and other aspects of rapid growth. According to relevant data, business white-collar workers are the domestic coffee consumption market "main force", so a number of companies began to introduce coffee machines in the office, after all, a fully automatic coffee machine regardless of business operations, corporate culture, or the office staff themselves are to promote the role of.

So, how should the office coffee machine be selected? The first aspect is to start from the actual needs of the coffee machine used in the business reception office occasion, not only need to have a high quality production, but also need to have an elegant appearance design, in order to give a taste of coffee that does not lose the boutique cafes. The second aspect, fully automatic coffee machine is the first choice of office coffee machine, because the fully automatic coffee machine is simple enough to operate and produce fast.

Domestic brand Dr. Coffee machine has a unique price advantage compared to international brands, but also has excellent innovative features. The product is equipped with an innovative brewing system, an accurate and stable grinding system, an efficient and convenient self-cleaning system, and a high-tech intelligent Internet of Things system, which has received many domestic and international certifications and holds more than 100 patents.

In the field of business office, Dr. Qia coffee machine has cooperated extensively with high-end office buildings, "technology factories" and new energy automobile 4s stores in many cities, and is a satisfactory coffee machine for many enterprises in the office. In addition, Dr. Qia's business scope covers more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and in 2021, more than 15,000 units will be shipped in China's domestic market and more than 45,000 units will be shipped overseas, making it a trustworthy national brand.