It's important to pick a coffee machine for your office!


Companies with better employee benefits tend to place an office coffee machine in the company, which has become an unwritten agreement between the company and the employees. But what kind of coffee machine is able to make employees satisfied? This is a question that many companies have not put much thought into understanding, but it can affect the employees' evaluation of the company to some extent.

The important thing about picking a coffee machine for your office is to make sure that it has a wide selection of flavors! Many companies focus on the efficiency of the coffee machine and the ability to dispense continuous cups when selecting a coffee machine, but ignore the flavors that the coffee machine can offer. While the first two points are important, the last point should not be overlooked. In movies and television productions, the protagonists often like to brew a cup of American coffee in the office without sugar or milk, so although it seems very "cool", but in fact does not meet the taste of most ordinary people. In reality, people's taste preferences for coffee are very diverse, some people like black coffee, some people like milk coffee, some people like bitter, some people like sweet, if companies really take the plot of the TV show as a golden rule, the office to buy a coffee machine can only produce American-style coffee, it is afraid that most employees will not be satisfied. The best solution is to purchase a fully automatic coffee machine with comprehensive functions and rich taste options to meet the different taste needs of employees, in order to improve the sense of identity and sense of belonging to the enterprise.

Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine to achieve adjustable beverage parameters, employees can adjust the amount of coffee according to their preferences, pre-brewing time and so on, giving more changes in coffee, whether you like espresso, hand brewed coffee or a variety of milk coffee, you can get in Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine to meet.