Office coffee also "in-roll"? Why is the office coffee machine popular?


In recent years, the "in-roll" has swept the entire society, and the coffee industry is naturally no exception. Surprisingly, the "volume" of coffee is particularly intense in the office. As the saying goes, "the power of a day to fight workers" is given by coffee, coffee in the office occupies an important position, has also become a "must fight", then the fierce competition in all types of coffee, the final winner is the office with the coffee machine?

Once, the office coffee "king" is instant coffee, and in the endless new "bombardment", the former king can now only be reduced to a "spectator", undeniably. In recent years, the sales of instant coffee has been greatly reduced. Than instant coffee, consumers prefer coffee flavor more mellow brand direct, hang ear coffee, and coffee concentrate, etc.. But for most people, these more expensive branded straight drinks, coffee liquids and other products, but not as good as the free coffee made by the office coffee machine.

For one thing, office coffee machines are often provided by companies to provide employee benefits, employees can use the coffee machine to make coffee for free, no additional expenditure, saving money and saving; for another, coffee machines are updated at a faster pace, and now the office coffee machine function has been very perfect, can completely guarantee the taste of coffee, to give users a quality coffee experience, corporate employees will naturally choose the office coffee machine.

At present, the office coffee machine has become a mandatory option for many companies to provide employee benefits. Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine has penetrated into the high-end office buildings of major cities, cooperated with new energy automobile 4S stores and first-line Internet companies, and achieved good results in the field of business office, so that the majority of "workers" in the office can also enjoy the quality of professional coffee production.