Office coffee machine, Dr. Coffee is the first choice.


What should be the choice of a coffee machine for the office has become a question that many companies are thinking about. Equipping a coffee machine in the corporate pantry has now become an important reflection of employee welfare as well as corporate image. So how should you choose a coffee machine brand among the many brands? Among them, after the market's word-of-mouth feedback Dr. Qia brand came to the fore.

Dr. Curry is a domestic brand established in 2016, which is committed to the research and development, design, manufacture and sales of automatic freshly ground coffee machine, after just a few years of development, Dr. Curry launched the office with the coffee machine quickly occupied the market to become the choice of many enterprises and chain restaurant brands, chain star hotels. According to the information, only in 2021, Dr. Qia shipped 15,000 units in the domestic market and 45,000 units overseas. This shipment volume makes Dr. Qia become the largest partner in the domestic chain business shipment volume.

At present, the coffee machines produced by Dr. Qia are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and are favored and affirmed by the global market, making Dr. Qia coffee machines shine in the international market.

In terms of technology, Dr. Qia has independently developed an innovative brewing system and milk frothing system, which makes Dr. Qia's coffee machine produce espresso and American-style coffee in two flavors according to the advantages compared with other brands of coffee machines. At the same time, the high-quality grinding knife selected by Dr. Cai does not take away the heat and flavor of the beans during the grinding process of coffee beans, which can retain the mellow flavor of the finished coffee to the greatest extent.

At the same time, in the contemporary era of the Internet, Dr. Qia's coffee machine can also be equipped with the Internet of Things coffee machine management system, which can be remotely controlled by the coffee machine. Imagine that when employees have the idea of drinking coffee, they can make coffee remotely, and when they walk to the pantry, the fragrant coffee machine has been made. In terms of humanized operation as well as time and cost of production, Dr. Qia's coffee machine has undoubtedly achieved world class.