Office coffee machine, enjoy the aroma of freshly ground coffee in the company.


Nowadays, more and more cafes are opening in cities, coffee culture is becoming popular, and more and more people love coffee, the demand for freshly ground coffee is increasing in the Chinese market. With the rise in consumer demand for coffee, the corresponding supporting services have also been developing, many enterprises in order to meet the needs of employees racked their brains, the company configured the office with a coffee machine, so that employees in the company can also enjoy the mellow aroma of freshly ground coffee. Dr. Qia as a well-known domestic brand of coffee machine, with the technical advantages of the major enterprises have been favored. What are the advantages of Dr. Coffee?

1、Diverse choices to meet the needs of different staff tastes

Different employees have different requirements for the taste of coffee, Dr. Cai automatic coffee machine with parameters adjustment function, users can adjust the coarseness of coffee powder, coffee strength, etc., according to their preferences, to produce a cup of coffee that belongs to them.

2、Fast production speed, no long queues

In the coffee shop to buy coffee, often need to queue. In the office coffee machine, the efficiency of Dr. Coffee can be said to be outstanding, the user does not need any coffee making skills, just click the button to get a cup of quality coffee, convenient and fast.

3, automatic cleaning, saving time and effort.

Coffee machine cleaning has always been a big problem, Dr. Qia automatic coffee machine with automatic cleaning system, safe and convenient, conducive to maintenance, is the choice of office coffee machine.

A good coffee machine, you can bring to the office compared to the coffee mellow coffee, corporate acquisition of office coffee machine has been a major trend.