Office coffee machine, for "workers" to help the health of the body.


Office coffee machines have always been popular among company employees. On the one hand, employees can drink coffee to chase away fatigue and refresh their minds; on the other hand, the mellow aroma of coffee can also bring spiritual enjoyment to people. In recent years, with the awakening of national health awareness, the office coffee machine has been given a new value and meaning.

In 2021, Chinese residents' pursuit of "healthy diet" is increasing, and coffee is in the leading position in the national health recognition survey of mainstream beverages, while carbonated beverages, milk tea and other best-selling beverages are considered "not healthy enough" by the public due to high sugar and high calorie factors. "not healthy enough. The perceived strengthening of the health value of coffee has also driven the growth in sales of coffee machines for offices.

Currently, there are several literature arguing for the health value of coffee. A large number of studies have shown that moderate coffee consumption can reduce the risk of many chronic liver disease, coffee on exercise and fat loss is also uncovered to help the role of fat burning can be accelerated to a certain extent, to promote the reduction of body fat, for long-term sedentary office workers can be considered a lot of benefits. This also makes people's demand for office coffee machines has increased.

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