Office coffee machine so choose, so that employees are satisfied.


When it comes to office coffee makers, people who watch American dramas must think of drip coffee makers, and people who watch Hong Kong dramas must think of fully automatic coffee makers. In fact, in the Chinese market, a fully automatic coffee machine must be more suitable for the office than a drip coffee maker. So the question arises, what kind of fully automatic coffee machine can meet the needs of the office scene?

First, there must be a wide variety of flavors to choose from. As the saying goes, "it's hard to adjust", everyone has their own preferred taste, it is impossible to be particularly uniform. Some people like espresso, some people like American coffee, and others like milk coffee, more sophisticated people will also be precise to the ratio of coffee and milk in milk coffee. Therefore, a fully automatic coffee machine with a wide selection of flavors and adjustable parameters is very important.

Secondly, the capacity of the coffee machine and refill volume should be large. The office has more people, so the office coffee machine should have the ability to continuously dispense cups.

Finally, there is the issue of cleaning. In order to save time and manpower, it is recommended to choose a coffee machine with an automatic cleaning system, so that you do not have to frequently add water to pour the slag, but also to ensure the taste of coffee, saving time and effort.

Dr. Coffee office series coffee machine, can be adjusted by adjusting the coarse and fine grinding beans, extraction of coffee parameters to achieve the demand for adjusting the taste, but also has a strong continuous cup capacity, but also has automatic cleaning function, the appearance is also beautiful and stylish, can meet all the needs of the office coffee machine to enhance the corporate pantry style, the strength has been recognized by the market, is a good choice for businesses.