Office should have a coffee machine, happy than the wage is important" become part of the post-95 job selection criteria.


"Jobs can be found slowly, the suitable ones are the most important." "Exquisite life is a sense of ritual, only if you live your life well first, the work efficiency will be high." Nowadays, the post-95s and post-00s young people enter the workplace, their world view, values and work attitude are obviously different from those of the post-70s and post-80s, they know how to live happily than the previous generation and pay more attention to enjoying life, upholding the attitude of "work is only a small part of my life, not the whole thing". The attitude of "happiness is more important than salary" in choosing a job. In order to meet the needs of the post-95 crowd, more and more companies are beginning to pay more attention to corporate humanistic care, and coffee machines have become a necessary item in corporate offices.

For the pursuit of efficiency of the post-95 crowd, do not like to work in a long "tired war", they pay more attention to efficiency, like in a short period of time to concentrate, efficient completion of their work. Then the office coffee machine is a good professional "partner", people can use the coffee machine to make a cup of mellow and delicious coffee after a busy day at work, so that the "workplace star" immediately rejuvenated, full of energy and vitality, to complete a better state of work.

For enterprises, the placement of a coffee machine in the office not only allows employees to improve efficiency, but also to increase the cohesion of the team, more manifest corporate humanistic care. In addition, when customers come to the company for business negotiations, if you can provide customers with a cup of high-quality coffee, you can leave a good impression of the company, but also to a certain extent can also promote the rate of corporate signings.

At present, many companies choose Dr. Coffee office series of automatic coffee machine, the reputation is very good, simple and intelligent operation, the appearance of the atmosphere, upscale, favored by many young people.