"The whole city is my cafe", the coffee machine takes you to unlock different new spaces.


With the improvement of people's living standards, coffee is gradually coming into millions of households. From the past coffee can only be purchased in the traditional coffee shop, to today's coffee is an easy thing to drink. Whether it is a convenience store or some smart coffee machine placed in the community downstairs, a fully automatic coffee machine in the company office or at home, as long as you want to drink coffee, the coffee machine allows you to drink rich and delicious coffee anytime, anywhere. So which type of coffee machine is generally more suitable for different scenarios? How to choose it?

1. Commercial stores

In addition to those professional coffee shops need to be equipped with professional coffee machines, like other commercial stores, such as convenience stores, highway service areas, airports, libraries and so on, these areas generally use more automatic coffee machines, because automatic coffee machines can provide fast and convenient service, allowing consumers to enjoy a cup of coffee in a short period of time.

2. Home coffee machines

The choice of coffee machines for home use should be diversified, because different families have different coffee machine preferences. There may be a preference for semi-automatic coffee machines, which can experience the joy of hands-on, while some people prefer fully automatic coffee machines that do not require much operation, so if you choose a home coffee machine, you can make your choice according to your own preferences, without too many limitations.

3. Coffee machines for companies

The coffee machine chosen by the company is a little more delicate, the company should take into account the preferences of most employees, but also balance the time between coffee and work. To use coffee as a "little helper" to improve business efficiency, so companies should be careful when choosing a coffee machine, combining a variety of factors to choose a comprehensive. Generally speaking, most companies are willing to choose a fully automatic coffee machine, such as the Dr. Coffee Office series of fully automatic coffee machines, its simple and convenient operating procedures, high-quality coffee taste, professional after-sales team by many consumers.

The variety of coffee machines on the market is endless, diversified coffee machines for users to unlock different new spaces, to choose different functions for different scenarios of coffee machines.