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Semi-automatic, automatic, capsule coffee machine, who is the right coffee machine for the office?


As Starbucks and Ruixing continue to broaden the market, the Chinese national coffee consumption concept has been gradually built to perfection, and drinking coffee has been transformed from a "social need" to a daily "just need" for some consumers. The rapid development of the coffee market has also broadened the space for the development of the coffee machine market, coffee machines have become the "standard" in many offices. So in the mainstream of semi-automatic, automatic, capsule coffee machine, who is the most suitable for the office with the coffee machine?

In the home coffee machine market, the capsule coffee machine can be said to be the "hot chick", under the marketing of major brands, the capsule coffee machine has become a regular feature of the e-commerce platform hot list, just put the capsule, add water, wait a few moments to get a good quality cup of coffee. Relatively, although the capsule coffee machine is cheap, but with the matching coffee capsules are not cheap, used in the home scene is not too big a problem, but placed in the office such as coffee consumption in the larger places, the cost is too high.

Semi-automatic coffee machines have many details that users can tune themselves to make coffee with their own personal style. But relatively, semi-automatic coffee machines have certain technical requirements for the user, the use of a higher threshold, mostly used in coffee shops.

The price of fully automatic coffee machines from 2000 onwards, easy to operate, fast production speed, stable quality, and low cost of subsequent coffee production, is a good choice for office coffee machines. In the past, the automatic coffee machine market is occupied by foreign brands, in recent years, the rise of Dr. Qia and other domestic brands have taken a place in the automatic coffee machine market, causing a certain impact on foreign brands.

For companies, Dr. Qia automatic coffee machine is clearly a more cost-effective choice.