The coffee audience is becoming more and more widespread, coffee machine home has become a trend.


Coffee is a drink that has been entering the Chinese market since the audience has been growing year by year, from the past only a small number of people can enjoy the coffee situation, to today's coffee shops have been everywhere and even a number of excellent domestic coffee brands, portable coffee drinks can also be bought everywhere, and even a number of domestic coffee machine brands, the current coffee into the Chinese market has been hundreds of years, the evolution of the development of coffee machines History is also colorful.

Coffee machines from the initial hand-cranked grinding evolution to today's intelligent automatic coffee machine during only a few decades, in the past the sale of coffee machines in the Chinese market is mainly commercial, chain restaurant brands, hotels, CBD centers and so on is the main consumer of commercial coffee machines, but with the progress of the times and the popularity of coffee culture, in recent years coffee machines have been gradually extended to the home market In the future, the home coffee machine may defeat the commercial market to become a larger coffee machine consumer market.

At present, the price of a cup of coffee in Chinese coffee shops mainly ranges from a dozen to several dozen yuan, and a small number of high-quality coffee can be priced at more than 100 yuan, overall in the beverage market in a mid-range consumption level, but with the prosperity of China's commercial market, coffee, a rich taste and refreshing drink is increasingly loved by the public, but also let coffee become a drink that many people can not live without.

As a result, the soil for the development of the home coffee machine, compared to the cost of living to buy a cup of coffee in a coffee shop every day, the purchase of a coffee machine at home homemade coffee is obviously more convenient and affordable, and therefore in recent years, like Dr. Coffee such a well-known domestic coffee machine brand, also launched a number of home type coffee machine models, to further promote the spread of coffee culture and the coffee machine market trend change.