The coffee machine market is expanding and the machine category is getting richer.


China has thousands of years of tea drinking culture, also used to drinking tea, also because of this at the beginning of this drink into the Chinese market, most of the people are holding a "drink a fresh", "taste", "luxury A" attitude to coffee, the initial price of coffee is also really high, the distribution of coffee shops in the city is not much. But with the development of coffee in China, the practical use of coffee as a beverage and the rich taste is gradually accepted by the Chinese people, so that coffee has successfully become one of the daily drinking beverages of Chinese consumers, which also contributed to the booming of the Chinese coffee machine consumer market.

Nowadays, many consumers in China have developed the habit of drinking coffee for a long time, and this part of the population is increasing year by year, so the demand for coffee drinks in the market is increasing, and correspondingly the demand for coffee machines is also increasing. And as coffee lovers find that buying a home coffee machine to make their own coffee is far more cost-effective than buying coffee from a cafe, the number of people who choose to buy a home coffee machine to make their own coffee is also increasing.

The market today is rich in small home coffee machine categories, there are traditional hand-cranked grinder, capsule coffee machine, automatic home coffee machine and other types, so people are dazzled. Take the famous domestic coffee machine brand Dr. Qia for example, Dr. Qia has also started to make efforts in the home coffee machine market, they have successfully applied the core technology of commercial coffee machines to the home coffee machine, producing a higher quality home coffee machine. Coffee machine market will be in a period of rapid development, the future of coffee machine consumers will bring more surprises to the market.