The coffee market is bursting at the seams, how to complete the "comeback" of domestic coffee machines?


As we all know, China's coffee market has taken off in recent years, and the domestic chain of boutique coffee has reported bright earnings, in stark contrast to a well-known foreign coffee chain brand. Obviously, domestic coffee brands have seized the opportunity to develop and achieve full profitability. At the same time, the domestic coffee machine brand has also pried the European and American markets, with excellent performance out of the country, ushering in a new round of development. Domestic coffee machine is how to break through the obstacles to complete the "comeback" it?

Western coffee market development is mature, initially when people drink coffee, they will subconsciously choose foreign coffee brands. This is also true when buying a coffee machine. For a long time, the domestic coffee machine market is occupied by foreign coffee machine brands, coupled with the domestic coffee machine penetration rate is low, the survival of domestic coffee machine brands has been more limited.

But with the improvement of the technical strength of domestic manufacturers, coupled with the popularity of coffee culture, China's consumers have gradually developed the habit of drinking freshly ground coffee, domestic coffee machine penetration rate has greatly increased, domestic coffee machine manufacturers also ushered in a new opportunity for development, with a higher cost and perfect service, not only in the domestic achievements, but also out of the country, pry the European and American markets, won the recognition of the Western market.

Among the many domestic coffee machine brands, Dr. Qia's achievements are particularly bright. At present, the business scope of Dr. Qia coffee machine has spread to more than 60 countries around the world, with more than 45,000 units shipped overseas in 2021, which has won the favor of many overseas customers. At the same time, Dr. Cai is also determined to expand the application field of coffee machines, promote the popularity of coffee culture, develop a larger coffee machine market and complete a perfect "comeback".