The development of automatic coffee machines from the history of coffee machines.


At a time when coffee culture is prevalent among white-collar workers, has anyone ever thought about how the coffee machine that makes coffee came about? In fact, a long time ago, when the coffee machine was called "coffee pot", and the coffee pot originated in Europe, the coffee machine was also invented in Europe.

If you want to trace the birthplace of the coffee machine, the earliest is in the royal family, according to records, Louis XIV period there is a coffee machine, and at that time, the coffee machine is for the aristocracy to use, with the passage of time, to the Louis XV period, in all of Europe on a wave of "coffee trend", the coffee machine began to be widely used among the general public. widely used. It is worth mentioning that with the development of electrification, electric heating gradually replaced the early gas heating method of coffee machines, and later there were electronic thermostats coffee machines, until now the popular automatic coffee machines. The history of the development of coffee machines can be described as very long, and the coffee machines on the market today are in a constant state of innovation.

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