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The rapid development of domestic brands, coffee machines for home use into the trend.


Since its entry into China, coffee has gradually become the favorite of the workforce with its aromatic taste and unique refreshing function, which has made coffee an increasingly common drink in China, and even the emergence of many derivative foods, such as coffee cake, coffee sugar and so on. This has also led to the expansion of the coffee machine market in China, while the development of coffee machines is also accelerating with the popularity of coffee, the form of coffee machines in China is also gradually changing, gradually from commercial to residential.

In China, the current coffee machine products are still mainly commercial, and in recent years a large number of domestic coffee machine brands have emerged, precisely because the commercial coffee machine is more and more widely used in China, so that the coffee culture has been further promoted, coffee shops from the past only a few stores in a city to now almost everywhere, but also so that more people began to contact the coffee drink.

This has given the home coffee machine a good user base, for users who love coffee and coffee culture, long-term coffee machine to buy coffee will make the cost of living increased, but by buying a home coffee machine to make their own coffee, will make the cost of living lower.

The current coffee machine market in the well-known coffee machine brand Dr. Qia, from the beginning of the establishment of the main coffee machine production and sales to the recent years began to develop and launch home coffee machine products, but also in the side to confirm the coffee machine market wind direction change. At present, Dr. Qia has already applied the core technology of commercial coffee machines to the field of home coffee machines, and I believe that in the future we can see more and better home coffee machine products on the market, which can also be more convenient to make aromatic and delicious coffee.