The rise of coffee culture, coffee machines have become the favor of many companies.


Coffee is a drink that has a huge difference in taste between instant and freshly ground. Therefore, the taste of better freshly ground coffee has become the current choice of many coffee lovers, and a good quality coffee machine has become an inseparable appliance for coffee lovers.

This is especially true for companies, installing a few coffee machines in the office, the first can enhance the staff's sense of belonging to the company; the second can increase the happiness of employees at work; the third can be more convenient for employees to drink high-quality coffee, thereby improving work efficiency.

Therefore, in the current social environment, many companies will choose to install one or more coffee machines in the company pantry as a daily employee benefit at work, while increasing the quality of the overall corporate environment, a multifunctional coffee machine can be a great show in the reception of customers, a small cup of coffee but can make customers feel the strength of the enterprise.

Today, there are many brands of coffee machines on the market, which are more famous, such as Dr. Qia is loved by many companies and coffee lovers, Dr. Qia's coffee machines are rich in flavor, simple operation, easy to clean, while its professional high-quality coffee machines also have a deep cooperation with many large brand companies.

Dr. Qia has now become the largest partner in the domestic chain business mode in terms of annual shipments, with 15,000 units shipped in the domestic market in 2021 alone, and 45,000 units shipped overseas, which is favored by many enterprises, and has deep cooperation with KFC, Boxcar, Holliday and other chain restaurant enterprises.

In addition, there are cooperation with many star hotels, high-end urban office buildings, first-line Internet enterprises, new energy 4s stores, etc. The good performance of Dr. Qia in the market and the recognition of many partners prove the excellent quality of Dr. Qia coffee machine.