The rise of coffee machines, national products also have international leading level.


Since coffee was introduced to China, after hundreds of years of development and evolution, coffee is gradually recognized by Chinese consumers and loved by more and more people in China. Coffee lovers gather on various forums or social platforms to share their experiences on coffee. In this context, coffee machines have gradually come into the consumer's view, from the past hand-ground coffee machines to today's automatic coffee machines, coffee machines are also evolving with the times.

According to research, in China's current coffee machine sales market, foreign brands still occupy a significant market share, after all, in China today, the coffee machine industry belongs to the blue ocean industry, there has not been a long time. Many consumers are still keen to go to the cafe to order a cup of rich and mellow coffee drinks, rather than buying automatic coffee machines to make their own coffee drinks.

Under such conditions, the brand Dr. Qia came into being, Dr. Qia was established in 2016, before the establishment of its founder has been drilling in the field of coffee machines for many years, so for Dr. Qia coffee machine production and research and development direction are not small research. Only a few years of development, now Dr. Qia coffee machine has become a representative of the domestic coffee machine brand, as a high-quality coffee machine brand on the market, Dr. Qia has been recognized by customers and consumers.

This we can see from the data, only in 2021 Dr. Qia has achieved 45,000 units of overseas and 15,000 units of domestic coffee machine shipments, affirmed by the industry and users. It can be said that Dr. Cai coffee machine in the highly competitive market ate the market share of imported coffee machines, known as the light of the national brand.