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The workforce has brought fire to the "coffee trend", can the coffee machine become a daily small appliances?


Consumers of different generations have different consumer preferences, for the 80s, 90s and even 00s young consumers, high value, high quality, fashionable and trendy goods is their "favorite", the coffee market has also been heating up. The popularity of coffee has not only driven the development of a series of domestic coffee brands, attracting a lot of capital to enter the coffee market, but also opened up the coffee machine market, helping domestic coffee machine brands to open up the sales.

In 2021, the size of China's coffee market reached 381.7 billion yuan. Online brands and offline brands reached consumers through different channels, enhancing the popularity of coffee in the Chinese market. Many domestic coffee brands have also received billion dollar scale investments greatly enhancing their competitiveness. At one time, China's coffee market was not favored by capital because it was difficult to develop coffee consumption habits, but with the steady increase in residents' income, coupled with the gradual increase in the intensity of the work of "workers", the coffee market is growing faster and faster, even in third and fourth-tier cities, there are many consumers who have developed the habit of drinking coffee.

The development of coffee consumption habits of the population not only promotes the growth of the coffee market, but also makes the coffee machine has more use. For some consumers who like to drink coffee and can hardly afford a cup of coffee for 20 to 30 yuan a day, the acquisition of a coffee machine for themselves is a good choice. In addition, there are many companies that will purchase coffee machines to provide free coffee to their employees. The distance brought by the coffee machine is gradually subsiding, transforming into a small daily household appliance.

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