There are many kinds of coffee machines, how should I choose?


Whether students are preparing for exams or working in the workplace, coffee is a very important "good partner" for them, coffee can make people find themselves in the sleepy, full of vitality. The feeling of drinking coffee is like "charging", when you are about to "shut down" plug in the "coffee plug", immediately rejuvenate, a charge can "Standby" for a long time. For contemporary people, coffee has become one of the essential drinks, and there are many kinds of coffee machines on the market, so how in the end should you choose? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

1.Fully automatic coffee machine

Automatic coffee machine is a type of coffee machine that commercial stores and businesses choose more. Because it is convenient enough, the quality is also very good, to meet the daily needs of enterprises and commercial stores. Because of the comprehensive ability in all aspects are very strong, such as the industry's more excellent brand Dr. Qia, Dr. Qia's coffee machine high quality, fast is one hand, there is another is the automatic coffee machine generally have after-sales service, and there is automatic cleaning mode, is the gospel of lazy people and novice white. Its only drawback is that the price is slightly more expensive compared to the lesser quality coffee machines on the market.

2. Semi-automatic coffee machines

The semi-automatic coffee machine is the coffee lover's "favorite", because the user needs to manually operate some procedures, for the novice white is not very friendly, but for lovers of coffee machines like to study the semi-automatic coffee machine is a very good choice. Compared to fully automatic coffee machines its disadvantage is that it requires the user to clean it manually.

In addition to these, there are actually many types of coffee machines, such as American-style drip machines, capsule coffee machines and so on. But this is relatively niche, not quite suitable for most people.