Tips for purchasing commercial coffee machines to effortlessly enjoy coffee in commercial settings


In every languid afternoon, there is an irresistible longing for a cup of coffee, as its distinct taste has the power to invigorate the senses and dispel sleepiness and drowsiness. As we take a momentary respite and press the pause button on our busy lives, our mood finds solace, rendering coffee the embodiment of strength and enthusiasm. China is consuming a staggering amount of coffee, indicated by an astonishing annual growth rate of 30%, reflecting a tremendous demand for coffee among the public. With features like user-friendly operation, intelligent configuration, no-wash function, and professional after-sales service, fully automatic coffee machines serve as an excellent solution for meeting coffee demands and maximizing efficiency for the modern young consumer group. So, how should people choose a commercial coffee machine? Here are some essential points to consider!

1. Coffee production speed

What sets commercial coffee machines apart from ordinary ones lies in the former's broader user base. Therefore, when selecting a commercial coffee machine, it is advisable to prioritize faster coffee production speed to better meet the demands of a substantial user population. F4 is the inaugural super fully automatic commercial coffee machine designed to meet the demands of large business establishments. With an ultra-high and stable production efficiency of 600 cups per hour, it truly enables effortless access to coffee in commercial settings.

2. Cleaning convenience

Some coffee machines require the disassembly of components during cleaning, which can be troublesome and time-consuming. Therefore, when selecting a commercial coffee machine, opt for one that features a built-in cleaning program. This allows for automatic rinsing before and after use, ensuring the cleanliness of the extractor and delivering a pure and authentic taste in every cup of coffee produced.

3. Function options

Young consumers who value personalization are highly interested in coffee beverages that offer exceptional quality and customization. To cater to this demand, has introduced the Minibar commercial coffee machine, which builds upon the high-efficiency, long lifespan, and durability advantages of its commercial series. Moreover, the machine is specifically designed to accommodate user-customized drinks, incorporating functions like multi-flavor options, steam heating, and manual milk frothing.