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What are some cost effective coffee machine brands for offices? Why would a business have a coffee machine in the office?


Today's society, work, life is very fast-paced, most people are sitting in the grid to engage in mental work, especially easy to feel tired, and the spirit will turn to affect the quality of work, at this time, a cup of rich coffee can play a role, so that people refresh the brain, keep the work focus. Of course, the office always have a coffee machine has more than this benefit. Why would a company have a coffee machine in the office? What are the most cost-effective brands of coffee machines for offices? Let's read on.

There are several benefits of preparing a coffee machine for the office.

1, to enhance the corporate image. When customers visit, to make a cup of fragrant coffee for customers, rather than a light and tasteless white water, to better show the company's taste and sincerity.

2、Improve staff efficiency. Afternoon is the most sleepy time period, the efficiency of the staff will be greatly reduced. At this time the use of a cup of coffee, can help employees chase away sleepiness, refreshing.

3, enhance the cohesion of the company. In the current "office culture", the pantry is an important component. A coffee machine will be able to enhance the class of the pantry, while also allowing employees to get a better relaxation, so that the company is more cohesive.

So what is a cost-effective brand of coffee machine for the office? Now the rise of domestic products, there are many domestic brands are a good choice, Dr. Qia is one of them. Dr. Qia coffee machine quality since needless to say, more importantly, there is a perfect after-sales guarantee, not only for partners to hold on-site training, corporate visits, but also opened a 7 * 24-hour hotline service, so that customers can get technical support at any time, to get a better service experience.