What are the advantages of fully automatic coffee machines? Dr. Coffee to create a quality coffee experience,


Coffee has been introduced to China since the 19th century and has now become one of the daily beverages for Chinese residents. As the quality of life improves, more and more people are enjoying this refreshing and fragrant drink. In order to reduce the cost of drinking coffee, people often choose to make their own coffee, which also allows the automatic coffee machine to open up the market, into the home, shopping malls, offices and other scenarios. What are the advantages of a fully automatic coffee machine?

The espresso semi-automatic coffee machines commonly used in coffee shops need to rely on manual and other equipment operations, such as debugging bean mill grinding coarse and fine, manual pressure powder, extraction, milk froth, etc., after all the processes to get a cup of coffee, the quality of coffee with the level of the producer and change, the production is time-consuming and unstable. The automatic coffee machine combines automatic grinding, powdering, brewing and milk frothing in one, the quality of the product is stable, convenient and easy to operate.

Among the many automatic coffee machines on the market, the coffee machine launched by Dr. Qia has won the favor of many customers with its perfect after-sales service and excellent quality. Dr. Cai F20 automatic coffee machine is designed for bakery, convenience stores and other places, the brewer portion can reach 21g to meet the coffee production requirements of hotel breakfast or convenience system, double grinding ceramic flat knife to improve grinding efficiency, making grinding more efficient, high temperature milk froth system to ensure the taste of milk froth, multi-effects in one, providing customers with more coffee flavor options and ensuring the efficiency of coffee production.

The development of coffee machine has gone through many stages, and now the market has become increasingly mature. The current trend of coffee machine design is personalization, wisdom and humanization. Dr. Chai will continue to optimize the design of coffee machines and make people's life better with the aroma of coffee.