What are the common types of coffee machines? What are the advantages of each?


In 2022, both small town youth and urban white-collar workers will not be unfamiliar with coffee machines. From milk tea stores to cafes, from offices to shopping malls, coffee machines have completed the transformation from "less popular" to "everywhere". There are many kinds of coffee machines, drip filter pots, capsule coffee machines, siphon pots, espresso machines, automatic coffee machines ...... always make people blurred, this article will be divided into two categories of coffee machines according to the way they work, and analyze the advantages and characteristics of the two types of coffee machines, if you are interested, read on.

1, semi-automatic coffee machine

Advantages: comprehensive function, high degree of freedom of production, you can make a rich coffee flavor.

Disadvantages: difficult to get started, difficult to clean up, the quality of the product is not stable.

Semi-automatic coffee machine is the most common type of coffee machine, its advantages are particularly obvious, professional baristas can adjust the strength of the pressed powder, the angle of the milk froth, time, pulling the way to change the taste of coffee, to create a unique coffee. But these advantages are also limited to professionals. For people who do not know coffee knowledge, no professional production skills, semi-automatic coffee machine is extremely difficult to operate, the quality of production is difficult to control, so semi-automatic coffee machines are mostly used in coffee shops.

2, automatic coffee machine

Advantages: easy to operate, the quality of the product is stable, simple to clean up.

Disadvantages: belong to the wear and tear items, when buying to pay attention to the brand selection.

Automatic coffee machines are simple to operate, you just need to put the beans into the bean bin, and everything else can be done with one click. No need for professional techniques, no matter who uses it to make coffee, you can get high quality coffee, stability is very strong, and therefore, the automatic coffee machine has become a representative of the home and office coffee machine.

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