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What are the considerations for buying a home coffee machine? How to avoid stepping on mines?


Coffee has always been a symbol of quality life and style with its rich aroma and taste. With the popularity of coffee culture, people are no longer satisfied with just enjoying coffee in commercial places such as coffee shops, but began to pursue "coffee freedom", want to be able to drink a cup of quality coffee at home at any time. Although many consumers like to drink coffee, but there is not much understanding of coffee machines, in fact, as long as the following points are clear, you can buy a home coffee machine to your liking.

1, common types of coffee machines

To buy a coffee machine, it is natural to have a simple understanding of the type of coffee machine. There are three main types of common coffee machines on the market today, which are capsule coffee machines, semi-automatic coffee machines and automatic coffee machines. There is a big difference in the way these three types of coffee machines are used.

2, like the type of coffee and the requirements of the coffee

Some people like to drink American-style coffee, some people like to drink espresso, and some people like to drink fancy coffee, in the purchase can be based on the different needs to choose the type of coffee machine. If you have very high requirements for coffee, have high coffee making skills, like to constantly try new coffee flavors, and have a very good budget, then you can choose a semi-automatic coffee machine; if you like a single taste, and do not care about the subsequent investment, then you can choose a capsule coffee machine; if you do not know how to make coffee, but also want to drink different types of coffee, but also require simple and fast operation, then Automatic coffee machine must be very suitable for you.

Dr. Coffee home series coffee machine equipped with intelligent operating system, fashion sense and sense of technology, you can also customize the parameters of the drink, try a different mix, mix their own drinks, to give consumers a better coffee experience.