What are the factors to consider when buying a coffee machine for the office?


Today, many companies prefer coffee machines over instant coffee for employee health and drinking taste reasons. However, if a company wants to choose a coffee machine for the office, it often needs to consider multiple factors, after all, the coffee machine for the office should cater to the expectations of employees on the basis of meeting the company's parameters, which is not a simple choice, so how exactly do you choose it?

First of all, the company needs to clarify how much use the office coffee machine needs, because the more employees use it, meaning that the span of age stages, personal preferences will be more different, such as whether to choose a coffee machine that makes black coffee, or a diverse coffee machine.

The second thing is that the company needs to consider the efficiency of the coffee machine, because the more employees the company has, the more frequently the coffee machine is used, this time it is necessary to refer to the production efficiency of the coffee machine, so the company with many employees can choose the intelligent operation type coffee machine.

The last is the difference between the coffee machine category itself, home coffee machines and commercial coffee machines can be used in the office, but there are still differences between the two core components, the average daily output of the home coffee machine is not high, while commercial coffee machines can be used in more scenarios, so to choose according to the specific application of the coffee machine scenario. Of course, the price of the coffee machine is also a consideration that should be incorporated, but this is not the most important indicator to consider, the price is moderate.

The above is an explanation of how to choose a coffee machine for the office, when the purchase factors are determined, it is natural to choose a reliable brand, it is recommended to choose a domestic brand, because the pre-sales will be more perfect, after-sales response will be more timely, Dr. Coffee is a good choice.