What are the main groups targeted by home coffee machines? What are the design trends in recent years?


Since the reform and opening up, exchanges between China and western countries have gradually become more frequent, and coffee culture has been popularized in China, and the annual growth rate of coffee consumption in China has reached 15%, and is maintaining a strong growth momentum. The increase in coffee sales has also led to a growing demand for domestic coffee machines.

In the material conditions of affluence now, the home coffee machine has become one of the necessary appliances to improve the "sense of well-being" in the hearts of many consumers, and the main audience of the home coffee machine, mainly concentrated in the 80s and 90s born in the young consumers. Compared to the 60s/70s who grew up in the tea culture, young people born after the 80s have witnessed the popularity of coffee culture, have a higher interest in coffee, and are more willing to try the fun of making their own coffee.

In order to fit the coffee needs of young people, the design trends of coffee machines have also changed in recent years, mainly in the following areas.

1, miniaturization

For coffee such appliances, consumers not only pursue reliability and stability, but also the pursuit of miniaturization of the design, flexible operation, stylish appearance, compact shape and reasonable price is more likely to make coffee machines get the favor of consumers.

2、Multifunctional integration

The current consumer demand for home appliances is increasingly diverse, especially coffee has different types and flavors, a multifunctional, able to make different kinds of coffee machine, is bound to be more in line with the needs of young people.

Dr. Coffee home series coffee machine, stylish, multi-functional, a coffee machine can make a variety of flavors of coffee, to give consumers more choices, has become the heart of young consumers "home goodies" one.