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What are the main types of popular coffee machines on the market? What kind of coffee machine should I choose for my office?


With the improvement of material living standards, the instant coffee on white-collar workers' desks is gradually replaced by aromatic freshly ground coffee. In order to meet the needs of employees, many companies will also purchase a coffee machine, so that employees can make a cup of coffee to relax and refresh themselves when they are tired. But the office coffee machine also has a lot of questions, to know how to choose the office coffee machine, to first figure out the type of popular coffee machine on the market.

The types of coffee machines currently on the market are mainly divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic, the difference between the word, but the operation is very different. Semi-automatic coffee machines have high requirements for the operator's skills, the ratio of beans, the coarseness of the coffee powder, the force of the pressed powder, the extraction time are delicate, no professional skills are very difficult to make good coffee. But the most important point in choosing a coffee machine for the office is the ease of operation, so most companies do not choose a semi-automatic coffee machine.

Fully automatic coffee machines are much more convenient than semi-automatic coffee machines, to Dr. Coffee's fully automatic coffee machine, for example, as long as the preparation of coffee beans and pure water, just click the production button, no extra operation can get a cup of rich and fragrant coffee, in the operation of the proposal is much higher than the semi-automatic coffee machine. As long as the beans are of good quality, the taste of the coffee produced by the automatic coffee machine is no less than that of the semi-automatic coffee machine.

Dr. Coffee machine with high and low pressure extraction system, professional grinding system, 21g brewing system, self-cleaning system and Internet of things system, to ensure the convenience of operation while ensuring the quality of the coffee produced, so that every employee in the office can enjoy the pleasure of drinking coffee. Office coffee machine, choose Dr. Coffee.