What coffee machine to choose for the office? A few minefields to avoid!


The variety of coffee machines on the market is gradually diversifying, and for companies, it is a headache to choose the most suitable coffee machine for the office from the many kinds of coffee machines. So what kind of coffee machine is suitable for the office? What kind of coffee machine should you choose in the end? These are a few minefields that must be avoided!

1. Avoid picking a coffee machine with a single type of coffee

It is understood that many companies like to choose a coffee machine that can only produce black coffee, in fact, the general public do not like to drink the taste too bitter black coffee, more people are still willing to choose a little bit of milk curry coffee, the taste is more suitable for the public. And companies choose not to meet the taste of the public coffee machine, resulting in the frequency of use of coffee machines is not high.

2. Avoid only cheap as the selection criteria

Some companies choose inexpensive coffee machines for the sake of cheap, the taste of coffee made by such coffee machines is poor, and the quality is not good enough, and there is no professional after-sales service. In the office, this coffee machine has almost become a "decoration" and "idle goods".

3. Avoid overly complex operation of the coffee machine

Some companies are too much in pursuit of high-quality, professional coffee machines, the coffee machines purchased are often complicated to operate, the need for professional baristas to use the coffee machine, for corporate employees, the complex operation of "dissuade" them from the idea of drinking coffee, resulting in the coffee machine may only be used by one or two employees who know how to operate.

These are the "minefields" that many companies have stepped on when choosing a coffee machine for the office, therefore, when selecting a coffee machine for the office to avoid the above factors, Dr. Qia Office series of automatic coffee machines are very good at avoiding these The "minefield", Dr. Qia automatic coffee machine has been to "maximize the creation of a good coffee experience for consumers" as the mission, to provide users with a fast and convenient experience, so that employees in the office can enjoy the best quality coffee after work.