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What features are essential for office coffee machines? These are a few factors to understand.


"Spring fatigue, autumn sleepy, winter sleep, summer fatigue" netizens chortle "365 days a year is not a day for work!" In order to allow employees to have a better mental state to put into work, more and more companies are considering placing a coffee machine in the office. But the office coffee machine is different from the home, companies should not only consider whether the operation of the coffee machine is convenient, but also take into account the personal preferences of most employees for coffee, and a wide variety of coffee machines on the market, in the end how to choose it? What are the essential features of a coffee machine for the office? Let's take a look!

1. to produce a rich variety of coffee, to meet the preferences of different employees

Some coffee machines can only produce a single category of coffee, if the office buys a coffee machine of this type, the coffee produced does not meet the preferences of most people, and the chances of its idleness become higher. Therefore, companies should choose a coffee machine that can produce a wide variety of categories, which can meet the coffee preferences of different employees.

2. Fast and efficient cup dispensing

For businesses, efficiency is fundamental. Therefore, the coffee machine selected for the office should be fast and efficient, and be able to present a cup of excellent coffee for employees in a short period of time. The automatic coffee machine of Dr. Coffee Office series can provide users with the best quality coffee in a short time, so that employees can take a break and enjoy the beauty of coffee after the busy work.

3. Easy cleaning and maintenance, simple and convenient operation

Office coffee machine to choose a simple operation, automatic cleaning function of the automatic coffee machine, Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine can well meet the needs of users, and its professional maintenance team, after-sales service so that users no longer worry about.

Therefore, when choosing a coffee machine for the office, pay attention to the above factors to avoid blind selection.