What features should a coffee machine for the office have? What brands are better?


Coffee has a refreshing effect, plus there are a variety of flavors, coffee has gradually become as popular as milk tea, office workers like to have a cup of coffee in the afternoon, to cheer themselves up, energetic into work. Many companies also prepare a coffee machine in the pantry in order to meet the needs of employees and enhance cohesion. So what features should a coffee machine for the office have and what brands are better?

Choose a coffee machine for the office to follow three principles: rich flavor, simple operation, easy cleaning, and Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine is in line with these standards.

1、Rich taste

Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine for the office scene design, can fully meet the needs of the office with coffee machine, can produce both American-style coffee, and can produce espresso, now grinding now extract, the production of pure, and a variety of flavors can be selected, the office staff can get their favorite coffee taste.

2、Simple operation

Semi-automatic coffee machines often require professional techniques, powder, milk froth, to complete a cup of good taste of coffee. But the use of fully automatic coffee machines do not have these problems, a key to produce milk coffee, simple and fast, efficient and high quality.

3、Easy to clean

Dr. Coffee machine, can complete the intelligent self-cleaning, no need for complicated operations to keep the coffee machine clean.

Coffee has become a lot of white-collar "life-sustaining", for enterprises, in order to improve the staff office environment, office efficiency, a good office with a coffee machine is essential. Dr. Coffee is currently a high share of the domestic market, a domestic product brand. With affordable and efficient quality and other advantages, is the first choice of office coffee machine.