What is a good coffee machine for entertaining guests at family gatherings? Here are a few to choose from.


Weekend holidays, invite three or two friends at home for a small gathering, for "social fear" is far more pleasant than shopping. And entertaining guests is not always a cup of water or light tea to solve the problem, prepare a few desserts, serve a cup of coffee, you can chat all afternoon. So more and more people choose to place a coffee machine at home, both to entertain guests, but also to fight fatigue when tired. However, many people who do not know much about coffee machines will have concerns and will not know what kind of coffee machine to choose. After reading this article, you will be able to get the answer.

1, fully automatic coffee machine

Dr. Coffee fully automatic coffee machine is the first choice for home type coffee machines. Fashionable and technological appearance, but also with automatic milk froth frothing function, you can enjoy the coffee quality at home compared to the coffee shop, but also to enjoy a perfect and thoughtful after-sales service, no need to worry about the maintenance of the coffee machine.

2, capsule coffee machine

Capsule coffee machine with the simplicity of operation in the market to occupy a place. Capsule coffee machines are affordable, but the cost of capsules is relatively high, suitable for people who are interested in coffee but drink coffee less frequently.

3, drip filter coffee machine

This type of coffee machine is more time-consuming to make coffee, when friends get together at home to play, quite interesting, but also because of the time-consuming, not suitable for use when there are many people.

In summary, fully automatic coffee machines are suitable for a wide range of applications, ease of use and cleaning, and stable quality of production, making them the most suitable type of coffee machine for home use. In addition to the above coffee machines, siphon pots, French press pots and espresso semi-automatic coffee machines have a certain degree of operational difficulty and require professionals to operate in order to get a good coffee experience, so they are not recommended here.