What is a qualified coffee machine for the office? Dr. Coffee redefines the office coffee machine


With the improvement of people's quality of life, coffee has become one of the most popular beverages in addition to milk tea. A cup of coffee in between work not only has a refreshing effect, but also helps relieve work stress, which is why more and more companies will be equipped with a coffee machine in the pantry. So how is the office coffee machine qualified? The key depends on its several indicators.

1, whether the coffee variety is rich

Office employees often do not have a unified coffee taste, we have their own taste preferences, if a coffee machine can only do black coffee, then it will cause dissatisfaction of latte, cappuccino lovers. Therefore, one of the important indicators for choosing a coffee machine for the office is to have a rich variety of coffee to choose from, so as to meet the different taste preferences of employees.

2, whether the production process is simple and intelligent

Every business focuses on efficiency, although the office is equipped with a coffee machine, but does not want employees to spend a lot of time and experience in the production of coffee, therefore, the office coffee machine to produce coffee process to be more simple and efficient the better. Dr. Coffee machine only needs to select the type of coffee through the touch screen to make coffee in one click, saving time and effort, very convenient, and therefore quite popular with major enterprises.

3, how the coffee machine after-sales service

No matter what the price point and quality of the coffee machine, it requires regular maintenance and repair, descaling and cleaning of the brewer and internal inspection to avoid quality problems. Therefore, when buying a coffee machine must choose a brand with guaranteed after-sales service.

Dr. Coffee is deeply involved in the field of coffee machines, and has cooperated with several chain brands, with business scope all over the world, which has won the recognition of the market, and also perfectly meets the indicators of coffee machines for office use, and can bring excellent coffee experience to customers.