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What is the development status of coffee machines under the trend of intelligence? How to improve the competitiveness of coffee machine companies?


The word "intelligence" has often been a hot topic in recent years, the advent of the 5G era, the widespread use of artificial intelligence, have laid a solid foundation for the development of intelligence, intelligence has become the direction of development in China and the world. At the same time, under the impetus of the times, people's consumption concept has changed, China's coffee consumption is increasing, the coffee industry has become a new fertile ground for investment, and the coffee machine market is gradually maturing. In this era of the pursuit of efficiency, the user's use behavior is influenced by the times, more and more users prefer to choose smart coffee machines and push-button coffee machines than drip coffee pots and semi-automatic coffee machines.

The operation of both push button coffee makers and smart coffee makers is quite convenient. A push button coffee maker only needs to fill the water tank with water, put the coffee powder into the funnel, click the button and it will start running automatically. And many smart coffee machines use a touch screen, the user can choose their favorite flavor on the display, simple and fast, while meeting the user and the coffee machine "interactive communication".

Intelligent era, coffee machine companies need to think from the user's point of view, find the user's hidden needs, user-centered, pay more attention to the user's subjective feelings and personalized needs, improve the technical strength, give full play to the value of interactive design in the coffee machine, in order to be invincible.

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