What is the difference between a semi-automatic coffee machine and a fully automatic coffee machine? Which coffee machine works better?


Coffee has become a necessity in people's lives, and coffee machines are gradually entering people's vision. This article will introduce two commonly used coffee machines, analyze the differences between semi-automatic coffee machines and automatic coffee machines and the applicable scenarios, to help consumers understand the differences between coffee machines in greater depth.

Semi-automatic coffee machines are commonly found in cafes, and are traditional Italian coffee machines that require manual grinding, pressing and loading of powder to make coffee, and can also be used to froth milk through a steam pump head, allowing the maker to experience the pleasure of pulling flowers. Professional baristas can use semi-automatic coffee machines to innovate "play" and make a variety of personalized coffee, with a very high degree of freedom. However, if the maker does not have professional coffee making knowledge and experience, then it is difficult to produce high quality coffee, and the quality of coffee production is quite unstable.

Fully automatic coffee machines automate the grinding, pressing, loading and brewing process, so the user does not need to have any coffee knowledge or coffee making skills, just click a button and you will get a delicious cup of coffee. The automatic coffee machine greatly reduces the threshold of coffee making and expands the audience area of coffee, so that more people can easily enjoy the pleasure of tasting coffee.

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