What is the difference between coffee made by coffee machine and instant coffee? In what ways?


I believe that many people's "first impression" of coffee is a small bag of instant coffee handed to them by their desks in student days, a large glass of water on a small strip of instant coffee, taste a sip, taste bitter, drink a cup in the afternoon of fatigue, you can re-energize the new motivation to study, open a full of vitality study time. But nowadays, people's standard of living has improved and the popularity of coffee culture, more and more people are willing to choose the more mellow and rich taste of freshly ground coffee made with a coffee machine. So what is the difference between coffee made by a coffee machine and instant coffee? Which is better? Let's learn more about it!

1. The raw materials of coffee beans are different

As mass-produced coffee, due to the bulk producers to consider the cost issue, the traditional instant coffee used by the coffee beans are generally lower quality, a single type, low price. As a non-volume production, by the coffee machine to make coffee using a variety of coffee beans is relatively much more, the user can choose different coffee beans according to their preferences.

2. Different ways of processing

Traditional instant coffee is actually coffee extraction in advance, after a series of processes to get coffee extract, this process, the most valuable aroma and flavor of the coffee itself has been completely evaporated, leaving only the taste of burnt bitter, in addition to some additives, preservatives, flavors and so on. The freshly ground coffee made by the coffee machine is the complete raw coffee beans roasted and ground, without adding other ingredients, the original aroma is sufficient, and the nutrients are richer. Of course, you must choose a strong professional strength, good reputation of the big brands, such as Dr. Coffee machine is very good, always adhere to provide users with high-quality, good-tasting coffee.

It is easy to see that the coffee made by the coffee machine can indeed meet the different coffee needs of more consumers, which is exactly why people are now more willing to choose to buy a coffee machine.